Before you start

Version 2.4 of Force Field made some changes to the underlying folders and the structure of its assets. We also introduced the Effects & Hangar level and made changes to the shader path names.

  • Nevertheless, the upgrade should be a painless process. We highly encourage you to do a backup of your project before proceeding.

Download and import

  • To start out with the upgrade, download the package, and import the Force Field 2.4 into your project.


There might be a console error affecting users from using Force Field 2.4 due to redundant references kept by the AssetStoreTools which caused parts of the Standard Image Effects and Cinematic Image Effects trap into the package at the moment of the asset submission. So if this is your case, head here for the solution on our Forum.

  • In the Import Unity Package window, click “All” and then click “Import” to proceed with the upgrade.