Battleships is a mobile optimized collection of 6 space ships with 13 weapon turrets, and a space station. Easily customizable with Substance Painter and Amplify Shader Editor support.


Planets HDRP

Planets HDRP - 39 planet prefabs, customizable shaders, animated maps, and Volumetric Atmosphere shader. Ultimate tool for immersive space scenes.


2D Sci-Fi Platformer

Create a cutting edge sci-fi game with beautiful art, animations, and effects using this amazing platformer project template


Sci-Fi Effects

Sci-Fi Effects is a large collection of 90+ effects including weapons, explosions, missiles, dissolve, blastwaves, holographic, warp, nebula, turrets, to fit many different sci-fi situations


Force Field

The ultimate shield and impact shader. Works with any mesh and collisions. Mobile friendly