Force Field

Update 2.4 has arrived!


The ultimate deflector shield and impact solution. Works with any mesh and PhysX collisions. Mobile ready.

Changes in Update 2.4

The upcoming Force Field update is loaded with features that will enhance your experience in various ways. We’re improving the overall¬†Shield system, allowing you to¬†make it easier to apply to a complex surface, such as Ships meshes cluttered with the details by utilizing the built-in Unity’s UV1 unwrapping. We’re changing the example scenes with a brand-new PBR¬†Reactor and Hangar Example along with the new Wasp Interdictor model to explain how you can get back to the¬†MeshCollider and the Rigidbody pipeline. We’re also adding new shader variations including the Edge Fade and Vertex Animation already seen in our Planets what makes Force Field even better in exciting ways.

Wasp Interdictor

PBR Ship Model

Reactor & Hangar

PBR Example Scene

New Shaders

Edge Fade and Vertex Animation

MeshCollider Fix

Works with RigidBody


UV1 Shader for Complex Shields

Launch into the battle

Harden your shields and see it in action.

Requirements: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera with the Unity Plugin installed

Extensive Features

  • New model: Wasp Interdictor
  • New scene: Reactor and Hangar
  • Multiple contacts and collisions perform on any surface.
  • Full control over impacts points and shield visuals.
  • Shader options for colors, masks, static field, edge fading, and vertex animation.
  • Counting 15 premium sounds and several particles hits.
  • UV1 Shader to go along with the built-in unwrapping.
  • Outstanding performance on many platforms: DirectX 9/11, OpenGL, Mobile.
  • Seven example scenes will get you started in no time.
  • … and more

User Reviews

The visuals of my game took a giant leap thanks to this asset. And the support is amazing. The developer was able to accommodate my need for a new feature in the shader within a day! This asset is so useful in almost any kind of game you can think of, you might as well pick it up now. You know you'll find a way to use it. ūüôā

BradyGorgeous effect, stellar support!

I'm currently using this asset within a shooter based game. It's very well made, easy to implementing and customize and quick support from the developer. Not much more I could ask for. If you're looking for a shield type of effect this is the one to get.


I purchased this asset last night because I was looking for this exact effect for a game I'm making. It worked 99% out of the box and gave the exact effect I was looking for. The package is super flexible and has a lot of options for both desktop and mobile. The publisher was super helpful with the issue I did have and worked with me personally to resolve it. I would recommend and would buy from them again

John RossitterReally Nice Shader and Script Combo

Used this asset before version 2.0 and really enjoyed the recent update. Some features I had to implement my own, now include even better! Best shield shader out there atm!

VentzsGreat update!

Force Field Update 2.4 Has Arrived!