By the default, Force Field processes up to 24 concurrent impacts in a Desktop and up to 6 in a Mobile version of the shader.

These are the steps to adjust number of simultaneous impacts processed:

  • Open Force Field Controller script (Forcefield.cs) and change interpolators value
  • Open Force Field Shader (Forcefield.shader) and find the line starting with #include ‚ÄúUnityCG.cging‚ÄĚ

Notice two following lists of fixed4 _Pos_ and fixed _Pow_ declarations both starting with 0 indexes and ending with 23. Modify both lists, so they match to a number of interpolators you previously set in the Forcefield.Cs script.

For example, if you changed the interpolators from the default to a value of 8, you should set the indexes starting from 0 and end with 7.

Don’t¬†be surprised by a number of variables required modifying by hand. Unfortunately¬†passing an array wasn’t possible at the moment of Force Field release. Despite the fact, we look into available options considering Unity 5.4.0+ features and will be rolling new updates including even more simultaneous impacts shortly.

  • In shader, find a fragment section defining a number of interpolators and local array declarations. Adjust the interpolators value and array lengths according to a new number of impact points.
  • A few lines down bellow in the shader are two lists of pos[] and power[] array initialization.¬†Adjust their names and indexes to correspond to the number of impacts you set earlier.
  • Lastly,¬†go to the first line of the shader and change¬†its name string to reflect the number of points then save¬†the file by giving a different name. Switch back to the¬†Editor and wait for it to compile.

Unity won’t tell you a word¬†on the successful¬†compilation. You can now switch to your modified shader¬†in a drop-down list of a¬†shield material.


  • It is not recommended to¬†increase the number of impact points in a Mobile shader due to platform limitations and a limited number of registers available on low-end platforms.
  • Raising a number of impact points too high¬†will result in a performance decrease and should be used with caution.