The Controller component handles the Shield shader behaviour by acquiring impacts sent through the OnHit() method.

  • Fix Rigidbody” – Enables a workaround to the Unity limitation introduced starting with version 5.0 and higher, where a MeshCollider and a Rigidbody no longer work together attached to the same object leading to an error spam in the console.
  • Field” – A reference to a Shield object(s) to control.
  • Collision Enter” – The shield will respond to a collision when its collider/rigid body has begun touching another rigid body/collider.
  • Collision Stay” – The shield will respond to a collision once per frame for every collider/rigid body that is touching its rigid body/collider.
  • Collision Exit” – The shield will respond to a collision when its collider/rigid body has stopped touching another rigid body/collider.
  • Decay Speed” – The speed at which the current hit points are faded away. Higher decay value leads to a faster decay. Setting the value to zero will freeze the effect. You may use this feature to fine-tune the shield.
  • React Speed” – A time gap in milliseconds at which the controller registers new hits. A zero value will remove a limitation, and a value of one will limit to one hit per second.
  • Fix Non Uniform Scale” – This option is designed to help with setting a shield affected by a scaled transform.