Recommended setup

Before you can start with the example scenes it is advised to perform fine tuning of the editor according to the suggested checklist:

  • Enable Linear Color mode and set Rendering Path to Deferred

Enabling linear rendering in Unity is simple: It is implemented on a per-project basis and is exposed in the Player Settings which can be located at Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings

Read more:Ā Linear PipelineĀ in Unity Manual

  • Enable HDR on your camera

HDR is enabled separately for each camera using a setting on the Camera component.Ā More convincing visual effects can be achieved if the rendering is adapted to let the ranges of pixel values more accurately reflect the light levels that would be present in a real scene.

Read more:Ā High Dynamic Range Rendering

  • ImportĀ Image Effects

Image effects are Standard Assets that provide a quick, simple way to change the look of your game.Ā These can be located atĀ Assets -> Import Package -> Effects

Read more:Ā Image Effects

  • Download and Import FREE Cinematic Image Effects

Unity is currently developing a number of new Image Effects. The package can be downloaded from the Asset Store:

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