The latest Force Field Update 2.4 is loaded with features that will enhance your experience in various ways. We’ve improved the overall Shield system, allowing you to make it easier to apply to a complex surface, such as Ships meshes cluttered with the details by utilizing the built-in Unity’s UV1 unwrapping. We’ve changed the example scenes with a brand-new PBR Reactor and Hangar Example along with the new Wasp Interdictor model to demonstrate how you can get back to the MeshCollider and the Rigidbody pipeline. We’ve also added new shader variations including the Edge Fade and Vertex Animation already seen in our Planets what makes Force Field even better in exciting ways.

[Version 2.4] – Current

  • PBR Space Ship model with docking animation
  • PBR “Reactor & Hangar” scene
  • Edge Fading and Vertex Animation shader
  • UV1 shader to use with an automatic lightmap unwrapping which helps fitting shield texture on a complex mesh
  • RigidBody and MeshCollider should be fixed now! Check the new example scene
  • The FORGE3D menu in the Unity Editor includes several new links and categories