This guide is aimed to quickly provide you with the essential knowledge of the Damage FX Asset. It is assumed that you are already familiar with the Unity Engine, C#, and have a basic knowledge in shaders.

Thanks to the Amplify Shader Editor from Amplify Creations, it was possible to build the Damage FX Framework without writing a single line of shader code, except one code expression node, and still, using the shader editor!

It turns very handy since you can drop the Damage FX Function node onto your canvas, and start using it out of the box. The function itself can also be easily customized giving you total control over the Damage FX.

What if you don’t have the Amplify Editor? Don’t worry! The Damage FX comes with the PBR Metal, Specular and also Battleships shader samples, so you’re pretty much covered.

You will find the shader samples under the FORGE3D/DamageFX path in the material inspector.

Check with the Recommended Setup chapter of this manual and let’s get started by running the example scene!